Three nights in Athens

Yes, that’s right, I said Athens.  And I’m driving there for code4lib 2007.

Jodi’s joining me for the trip, though she won’t be registered for the conference.  Which is a shame, because I think she might dig Fun with ZeroConfMetaOpenSearch or Library Data APIs Abound!.

If any of my readers have hints about fabulous vegetarian food in Athens, Georgia, please speak up.  We’ll have some sort of Internet access here (code4lib would brook no less).



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7 responses to “Three nights in Athens

  1. heathrow

    I’ve put out the feelers. :)

  2. tally_cat

    COME SEE ME!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. sylvar

    The previous commenter (not you, !) has been banned. Furthermore, if he somehow persists, I will track him down and report him for violating the terms of use of the FSU computer network. (And, yes, I *know* he was sitting in the FSU library. Furthermore, I know people who work there who would be glad to do me a favor.)

  4. heyharmony

    Okay, it’s not that I don’t love me some serious librarian geekage, but, really, good for Jodi. Jodi, dearest, go shopping instead! ;)

    As for vegie food, I don’t know of any, but my gut feeling is that there’d be options in Athens. If nothing else, there’s probably a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s or local Coop/organic market w/ veg options.

  5. discogravy

    since even you can’t drive to greece, i’m assuming you mean GA. in which case this might be helpful. I can’t recommend any though, never been to athens proper.

  6. runefairy

    Hit The Grit, southern vegitarian at it’s best!

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