Mardi Frog quotes

Before we get to the quotes…

I’ve sent Facebook invitations and I hope you’ll all join the Vaxers group that I started (it’s the one that you can see even if you don’t have an email address ending in  The group’s URL is — and if you haven’t gotten a Facebook invitation yet, let me know and I will send you one.

Lisa: Is that a duck on your finger?

Shayna: I’m happy to see you.

[We’ve been talking about how to take pills — the most recent
suggestion was applesauce.]

Shayna: When I was a kid, we had to hide pills in dog food.

Scrib: You had to eat DOG food?

Shayna: …we were giving pills to the DOG.

Gayle: I hear Café Risqué has really good hamburgers.

Ben: [about Ann Snowberger]  I think Jeff Mercer had a run-in with her.

Shayna: Jeff had a run-in with EVERYBODY. [mocking] “Oh, I downloaded
it by accident, and it compiled itself, and launched, and crashed the

Gayle: I was in a perpetual state of lust for firefighters.

Scrib: Somebody light something!

Gayle: I used to love to watch the firefighters get their gear on.
They could get it on in 30 seconds or less.

Scrib: Watching yourself have sex on fast forward… THAT’S funny.

Lisa: You made me think of a Tom Swifty! “I can’t figure out how to
use this paper cutter,” said Tom singlehandedly.

Ben: Nah, I think it’s supposed to be a more plausible adverb.  Like
“I suppose I shouldn’t have reached quite that far into the wood
chipper,” said Tom offhandedly.

Scrib: That was a bit of a reach.


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  1. dragonbane

    do I have a facebook account? I dunno.

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