Three things that I accomplished yesterday:

  • Alerted a friend that she was indeed invited to the party in Gainesville.
  • Met a lot of new people at the Tampa party.
  • Drove to Gainesville.

Three things that made me happy yesterday:

  • Seeing a lot of cool vagina merch on display at the Tampa party
  • Taking some fun photos at the Tampa party
  • Writing down a bunch of quotes at the Gainesville party

I apparently had a lot of fun in a friend’s imagination yesterday too, but I’m not counting that because I didn’t find out until today, and sadly it was merely imaginary (this time)…



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3 responses to “1216

  1. tally_cat


    You went all the way to Gainesville but didn’t come visit ME???

  2. sylvar

    Two hours, yup. We were at party #1 from about 4pm to 7:30, left Tampa at 8:30pm, got to Gainesville at 10:30pm, and I went to sleep at 2m. Woke around 8, and we’ll be heading back south by 1pm. Whirlwind tour. We’ve got increasingly more friends in Gainesville, though, so if you ever feel like meeting us there, it would be fairly easy to arrange.

  3. tally_cat

    YES. Lemme know! =)

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