I got the car back today.  The repairs cost less than $2000… but only before sales tax.

We’re still going to pay the other half of the furniture purchase so as not to waste the first half, and we still need a mattress set.

But other than that, we’ll have to be careful.

I think that means we’ll have to find a free place to stay tomorrow night in Gainesville or else we can’t go to Mardi Frog.  That would be bitterly ironic, since it involves only a fifth of the driving that Mardi Frog usually does.  I’m appalled that going to a VAX party two hours away might be out of reach for us.  (We can’t just go for the day because we have to put in a nontrivial appearance at a 3pm Tampa party — which will also be fun, but prevents the “leave Tampa at 10am, stay from noon until 8pm, drive home” plan.)

Fortunately, I will be driving to Athens GA soon for company business, which means that a good chunk of money will be expensing its way into our bank account.  (Even at 44.5 cents per mile, it’s still cheaper for the company than any other method.)

Also fortunately, we’ve got about $200 in Target furniture that we decided not to use, and can return for a credit-card refund.

But jeez.  Just… jeez.



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2 responses to “Yikes.

  1. heathrow

    Is Jodi able to work right now to help mitigate some of the expenses?

  2. sylvar

    She’s becoming more able to work, though there aren’t that many employers she can get to on her own. There’s an AOL call center job, but the training shift lets out at 1am, which means I’d be getting to sleep at 2am — doesn’t work too well.

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