Three things

Three things I accomplished today:

  • Taught big boss how to use WordPress
  • Learned how to write interactive fiction with Inform 7 (it’s a lot easier than you’d think)
  • Successfully navigated a dinner party hosted by someone I didn’t know very well yet

Three things that made me happy today:

  • Vegetarian abenkwan (Ghanaian palm-nut soup)
  • Talking with a coworker about “How I Met Your Mother” (there are finally some good episodes again)
  • Jodi offered to watch a Star Trek movie with me soon, not because she likes Star Trek, just because she wants to watch things with me.  (Though if she’s going to make that sacrifice, I think we should at least wait until Amanda’s back at home so she can enjoy it too.


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6 responses to “Three things

  1. rancourt

    Oh, Inform is lovely stuff, especially the latest syntax revision! Enjoy.

    By the way, if you’re an Infocom fan, I have a CD of goodies that might interest you a lot. Stacie and I are both major Infocom fans, and I’ve collected some really cool Infocom obscuria over the years, including scans of tons of the old paper goodies.

  2. sylvar

    Hmm. Can you tell me how to use Inform to make a transparent door that can be unlocked from the outside by pressing the doorbell or waving at the woman named Vikki who is inside, but is unlocked when you’re on the other side?

  3. ceciliatan

    *glomps you* You said Word Press! I’ve taught myself how to use it over the past week but a few things are still mystifying me… like the PHP error bug I can’t seem to get rid of since the file the code error is in… doesn’t seem to exist? More likely it does, it’s just not editable through WP itself, and a painful command-line search of the directories has thus far failed to turn it up. *sigh*

  4. sylvar

    It needn’t be painful. Try find / -name filename and see if it helps…

  5. loucheroo

    We’ve recently gotten into HIMYM. I know, I know — you spent ages trying to convince me how funny it was. I ignored you. I’m sorry about that! We’re on disc 2 of season 1. Almost done with it… need to get more more more! I don’t know what I’ll do when I’m done with season 1, either. *sob* Have to wait so long for season 2 to come out!!! He just met/had his first time with Victoria. She annoys me for some reason. But Barney is just funny… and in general, I really like the show. Thanks for trying to sell it to me :-)

  6. reluctance

    Drop a line if you’d like any projects beta-tested.

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