Three things

Three things I accomplished today, my second day of medical leave:

  • After a successful saving throw vs. constitution at 6:30 in the freaking morning, I got my car into the garage and arranged a rental while they’re working on it (squeaking brakes are a lot easier to ignore than a check-engine light and an engine that idles at 800rpm, no make that 2000, no make that 1000, no make that 500, no make that 1800…)
  • Took Jodi to a followup appointment (it went well; that’s all you’re getting unless she feels like telling you)
  • Helped Jodi send out some transcript requests (if you’ve enjoyed this game, you’ll enjoy dealing with Hillsborough Community College; meanwhile, Indian River Community College charges absolutely nothing for transcripts and accepts a faxed request for multiple copies on the same piece of paper — and can produce them the same day, for double the price)

Three things that made the day suck less, or maybe even be enjoyable at times:

  • The rental car I arranged was, for no extra charge, a convertible, and the weather was perfect for it most of the day.
  • I managed to find a drink at Got Tea? that fit within the change from $7 after I bought Jodi’s drink.
  • If I can put away all the groceries and scoop the catbox in record time and have a second beer, I might actually get six and a half hours of sleep before I return to the office and start catching up on everything.


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3 responses to “Three things

  1. poppinjaye

    I love it when you speak gamer ;)

  2. heyharmony

    (mom mode)

    Are you not well? Why are you on medical leave? And, if you’re not well, why are you running yourself to exhaustion instead of resting to get better?

    (/mom mode)

    From a productivity point of view, you’re no use to me sick and exhausted.. get better! LOL

  3. sylvar

    I was on medical leave on behalf of Jodi. I’m doing well, other than the tiredness.

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