Jodi’s new ‘do

Jodi’s new ‘do

She gave twelve inches to Locks of Love and ended up very happy.



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5 responses to “Jodi’s new ‘do

  1. knobody

    nice do. it complements the shape of her face very well, and i like the swoop at the ends.

    and a friend gave me some info for other places to donate hair that she thinks may be even better than locks of love (in case anyone out there is also getting a radical hair reduction soon (just delete the comment if it’s out of place here)).

    Hats Off 4 Cancer
    4450 Lemay Ferry Rd
    St Louis, Mo 63129-1758

    Eva & Co. Wigs
    519 West Pender Street
    Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 1V5
    Hair donations will be accepted by mail only.
    Minimum requirement: length – 8 inches (20 cm), do not braid

    Havana Technical Hair Design
    326 Gilmore Avenue
    Burnaby, BC, V5C 4R1
    Minimum requirement: length – 10 inches (25cm), do not braid

    A- Bientôt
    371 Wellington Road South, Unit 5
    London, Ontario, N6C 4P9
    Minimum requirement: length – 12 inches (30cm)

    A Child’s Voice Foundation
    Angel Hair for Kids
    3034 Palstan Road, Ste. 305
    Mississauga, Ontario, L4Y 2Z6
    Minimum requirement: length – 10 inches (25cm), no processing, preferably braided

    Hair for Kids Program, c/o Continental Hair
    92 1/2 Avenue Road
    Toronto, Ontario, M5R 2H2
    Minimum requirement: length –10 inches (25cm), minimal processing acceptable

    Wigs for Kids Affiliate, c/o The Medical Image
    603 Argus Road Suite 108
    Oakville, Ontario, L6J 6G6
    Minimum requirement: length – 12 inches (30cm), no gray hair

  2. gardenwaltz

    very nice! how did i miss that her hair was that long before?

  3. shlafe

    Go her!
    It looks GREAT.

  4. juniperpearls

    I have to ditto the wigs for kids. When I donated (it was about 7 years ago), I found out that Locks of Love charges the clients, which wigs for kids does not do (though this may have changed).

  5. kittykatkatja

    Looks wonderful, and for a good cause, too.

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