Three things

Three things that I accomplished today:

  • Used smokeping to help convince our vendor that there was a network problem.
  • Explained to a totally unrelated vendor that now was not a good time for his call; hung up.  Then, two minutes later, explained to the same guy that we were about to bring our entire network hard down for emergency maintenance and I needed to call all of my customers to notify them before it actually happened.  (He got the subtle hint that time.)
  • Drove to the airport post office to send last-minute applications (and a few bills, some of which were overdue).

Three things that made me happy today:

  • Hanging out with Jodi, Jon, and Suzanne after dinner.
  • Cheap-ish chocolate in an after-VD sale.
  • Getting a free day off for tomorrow (now why don’t I have an emergency fun plan?

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