Quoted from a post I sent to our internal blog:

Network problems, you are ON NOTICE!

As you know, we’re still having network problems. [Vendor], [Consultant], [Boss], and I have been working together to identify the problem. [Consultant] will arrive shortly to connect himself directly to the network equipment (I’m picturing a scene from The Matrix, if not from Tron). [Vendor]’s truly brilliant (no, seriously) level-one tech support people are calling their (presumably wizardly) level-two tech support people.

If you find yourself exhibiting symptoms of Internet addiction such as looking up from your screen, talking to your officemates, and visiting the kitchen for leftover junk food, please consult [HR person] about the addiction treatment services available through our health care plan.

This afternoon at 1pm, we thought it was fixed.  For half an hour, we had absolutely no dropped packets.  I announced to our customers that we had fixed the problem.  And now we’re back to regularly dropping 5-10% of the pings, which renders our database system pretty much unusable.

And tomorrow morning is our regularly scheduled meeting with our library-automation customers.  I can’t imagine they will be as supportive as my bosses, who have been thanking me, literally applauding me, telling each other on the record how lucky they are to have me, and talking about possibly giving me an extra paid day off.  But who knows?  I’ll just have to show up and find out.  


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