Three things

Three things that made me happy today:

  • Seeing Jodi crack up as I read her bits of I Like You: Hospitality under the Influence by Amy Sedaris.  (And cracking up when she said “Oh, is that a comedy book?  I thought it was real.”)
  • Getting complimented by the big boss (cc: to my boss and his boss) on handling a messy, frustrating problem at work.
  • Being able to log into our webmail server with no delays tonight, which makes me think the ISP might have finally solved the aforementioned problem.

Three things I did right today:

  • Avoided being rude to the totally unrelated vendor who called to ask me (repeatedly within one phone call) about the settings for a few machines, even though I explained to him (repeatedly ditto) that we were having a major network problem and none of the settings, even if I had them, which I didn’t, would mean anything until I could get off the phone and solve the major network problem.  (Not that I ended up being able to do much more than call people and make sure they were still aware that, yes, we have a major network problem.)
  • Cleaned out the fridge, taking nasty stuff to the skip immediately.
  • Went out to get Jodi some junk food around 11pm, despite the fact I’d already taken off my shoes and socks and had just opened a beer.  (That is Valentine’s Day for you.)


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4 responses to “Three things

  1. discogravy

    if your issue had anything to do with comcast in the southeast, i may know WTF is going w/r/t that.

  2. sylvar

    Nope. Time Warner.

  3. tally_cat

    Wow. That IS Valentine’s Day!!

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