Saving time at the post office

I’ve figured out that there are only three stamps I need to keep on hand for PaperBackSwap, really:

$0.75 + $0.84 = $1.59, which is anything under 1 pound.

For additional pounds, I can add $0.48, which is accurate for pretty much any book I’d be sending.  (After a while, the prices increase less steeply.)

I guess I could do some sort of Internet-stamp thingy, but that costs more, if only in labels for the printer…



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4 responses to “Saving time at the post office

  1. cbustapeck

    The other problem with the internet stamp thingy is that, at least of the last time I checked, none of the vendors that offer free (no surcharge) internet postage allow for media mail. To do media mail, you have to pay a monthly fee, generally about $20/month.

  2. gardenwaltz

    i have standard stamps .39 and .03 stamps. .59*4 + .03 = standard media mail rate. i can’t remember what that is, but it comes out right every time. jeff tends to skip the .03 and his stuff gets there anyways. the first time i got the .03 stamps it was just after a .02 raise in stamp price and i confused the nice lady at the post office.

  3. sylvar

    Well, yes, .39*4 + .03 = 1.59, but that’s five stamps. That’s a lot of stamps to fit onto a paperback along with the address and sender. The 75+84 combo achieves it in two stamps.

  4. dragonbane

    You shouldn’t be putting them ON the paperback, silly. Wrap it in paper or something! :)

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