Damn, it took a long time to run my errands.  I went to the post office and dropped off two prescriptions at Costco.  By the time I got back to the office with the pills, it had taken me an hour and 45 minutes!

I thought it wouldn’t take long at all for the prescriptions because they were for 100 pills each, and last time I filled those at Costco, they just took a bottle of each down from the shelf.  As it turns out, Costco is now offering 100-pills-for-$10 prescriptions on lots of generics, so now they stock bottles of 500-1,000 pills.  Which means they had to count out 200 pills.  D’oh…   Still, $20 for more than three months’ worth of two different medications?  That’s impressive.

And I guess the main reason it took so long at the post office was that I was mailing out about 25 books to PaperBackSwap members; it’s good to get these books out of the house, better to know they’re going to appreciative readers, and best to be able to get credits so that when we do move, we’ll be able to furnish our new home with books at no further cost to us.   (The way PBS works: we pay media-mail shipping, about $2 per book, and we get credit for every item received from us.  When we spend the credit, we pay nothing at all; we just get a book in exchange for a book.  There will eventually be a $10-20 annual charge to participate, but not for a while yet.)


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  1. fizzgig_bites

    I spent another $23 today shipping books. My library is shrinking quite a bit and I am starting to wonder if I will ever read that many books again.

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