An exciting day

My coworker Ellen, who was a cataloger at TBLC when I joined the staff, and who is now a manager, is showing off her new engagement ring in the staff room.  She says it came as a surprise.  She’s marrying the best friend of our coworker Diana’s husband, so they’ll have plenty to discuss when they all get together.  (And if the librarians decide to talk shop, the non-librarians will be able to entertain themselves.)

In less exciting news, I wooted a USB 2.0 hard drive enclosure ($17.99 + $5 S&H; note to self, transfer money from my personal mad-money stash to cover the expense), and my car is still in the shop, waiting for a radiator or something.  I’m told they’ll install it late today or sometime tomorrow, then wash the car before I come to pick it up.

And I think I may finally have a virtual server ready to start testing my XSLT hacks on.  (Which means I’ll finally be able to start writing them.)  



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2 responses to “An exciting day

  1. discogravy

    what do you use for virtual servers? vmware? xen? i use vmware @ work and am just going to try solaris’ zones this week…

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