The car won’t be ready for the weekend; most of the work has been done, but the body shop discovered that the headlights they ordered didn’t include some hardware that was necessary for mounting them in place.  So those will arrive Monday, and I’ll likely have my car back on Monday.

Tomorrow morning, we were planning to go to Davis Island to meet our friends at Peter O. Knight Airport, then have lunch at Grecian Island Restaurant (beware: auto-playing, auto-looping music).  I called the restaurant to ask about their coupon, and they said tomorrow they can’t accept coupons because the island will be packed for Gasparilla.


Gasparilla will make that area a LITTLE BIT crowded:

So now I’m working on Plan B.



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2 responses to “Weekend

  1. heathrow

    Oh, man. I miss Gasparilla. That was my favorite non-Christmas day of the year. We’d walk from my grandparents’ house to Bayshore and watch the pirates. Loved it!

  2. cardinalximinez


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