I finished the online driver’s education class this afternoon while eating a edamame-tofu curry over couscous.  It was pretty simple.  At the end, they try to sting you for rush processing fees in addition to what you’ve already paid, but I’ve got 30 days from the accident to tell the county I’m doing traffic school, and 90 days after that to actually send in a copy of the certificate.  So I don’t really care if they take two weeks to process it; maybe if I had slacked until the very last minute I’d go for that, but I suspect they get a lot of revenue from people who are just nervous or don’t know the procedure.

We looked at apartments today; so far, it seems that the only way to pay less overall than we would here is to live in a 450sqft crate in a shady neighborhood.  Anything else, and we’d exceed the difference in rent just by overlapping rents to move in and out, renting a truck, paying nonrefundable pet fees, administration fees, credit report fees, etc. — not to mention that we don’t pay a separate “pet rent” here, whereas everywhere we looked that actually allows pets allows them because they can make more money from pet owners.

I’m still willing to look at other places, but since Jodi still wants to stay pretty close to USF (she’s sitting in on a class or two), our choices are just as constrained as they were when we moved into this place.  We’d have the option of moving to a one-bedroom apartment here, but we’d still have to move everything, we’d still have to overlap the rents in order to move, and we’d end up paying around $700 for a one-bedroom instead of $745 for a two-bedroom.  That doesn’t seem worth the effort.  It’s true we won’t really need an extra bedroom (though I’d like one), or an extra bathroom (though it’s not “extra” when we both need to use one).  But surely the difference isn’t worth the silliness of renting a truck just to move large furniture pieces 300 meters south.

The other remaining options are Fisherman’s Landing, where we’d pay so much in fees that we wouldn’t break even against Fairway Oaks for at least 5 months, BUT where I’d have a 15-minute commute — or getting a new roommate, and I’m not at all keen on that — or just staying where we are and dealing with the cost.  Because, frankly, it doesn’t get a WHOLE lot better than this.  Not in the safer parts of the USF area, anyway.     


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  1. momster1

    I vote for “stay where you are for now.” In a few months, you’ll have a better idea of where you’re going, based on Jodi’s grad school acceptances. There’s not enough of a financial difference to make a move worth your while, especially if you wind up leaving Tampa in a few months anyway.

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