When we moved to Fairway Oaks, the rent was $700.  Then it went up to $715.  Now we’re being advised that if we want to sign a 12-month lease starting March 1, our rent will be $745.  And if we want to go month-to-month, it’ll cost us $785 for the first three months and $805 thereafter.

Also, we’re pretty sure

 is moving out soon (because we told her that we’re not at all sure what’s going to be happening with our lease).  So that means we’ll be back to paying the whole rent and utilities ourselves.

So this morning we’re going to look at places that might not be on the campus shuttle line, but are cheap.  We’re looking for 1br/1ba apartments, since this is what we’ll likely be moving into when Jodi’s in grad school.

My first choice, for location, would be Fisherman’s Landing; it’s at Fowler and I-75, which is about 15 minutes from work, not 30.  And yet it’s close-ish to USF and on a county bus line that goes to campus.  We’ll check them out soon.

But first, I’ve got to get off my butt, stop posting to LJ, and get ready for the day.  So I’ll see y’all, Dear Readers, later.


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  1. loucheroo

    Good luck finding a place! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to find somewhere good and relatively inexpensive!

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