State Farm has agreed to pay to repair my car, minus the deductible; after talking to the body shop about the procedure, I’ve authorized them to do the work.  They’ll begin Monday morning.

I’m taking the online class now.  As predicted by the helpful folks in [info]tampa, you just answer the questions and wait 10-15 minutes for the end of the section.  As a surprise, though: you get to answer 10 yes/no questions like “Can you swim?”, which are then asked during the session, apparently to prove you’re you.  But you can print out the questions and your answers (a step the site explicitly advises), so there’s no practical way to prevent me from paying someone to do it for me.  But I’m at home for the evening (I opted out of a dinner party), so I’ll just hang out, do the class, talk to people on IM, and read books. 


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  1. meander112

    That’s what I did for my class. I did find out some useful stuff after reading through it all.

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