I got into a crash this evening.  Here’s the front of my car:

Car crash - Picture 001

I’m going to take a 4-hour “traffic school” course which will mean that:

  • Hillsborough County will withhold adjudication;
  • I don’t get any points on my license;
  • I get 18% off the cost of the ticket (meaning it’ll cost me about $100).

The car is at a body shop, and State Farm will be sending a claims adjuster to check out the damage in the morning.  Also in the morning, I’ll arrange for a rental car.  State Farm will cover 80% of the rental cost, up to $500.  The damage to the car ahead of me seems minor (there was a dent in the fender and a cosmetic part popped up a bit).  There are more photos of the damage on Flickr; I’ve already offered copies to State Farm.

This is going to be somewhat expensive, and that’s not at all welcome; we’re in the middle of paying for graduate school applications, transcripts, etc., and there’s a possibility of repeating that process next year.  Fortunately, I’ve already got almost all of my tax information, so I’ll be able to e-file pretty soon and get a refund (I’ve always gotten a nice refund, kina hora).  That should help considerably.

Jodi has been very gracious about it, and I appreciate that; many people would take it badly.  I’m just glad everyone seems to be okay, and I’m very pleased that everyone was so polite about it all.



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18 responses to “Crash

  1. mariness

    Oh, man. I’m just glad you weren’t hurt.

  2. heathrow

    I’m thankful everyone is okay.

  3. shlafe

    Glad everyone is okay.

    I’ve been in more accidents than I can count on one hand, and usually the first words out of anyone’s mouth is “are you okay??!!??”

    I shouldn’t comment any more because then I will jinx myself.

  4. loucheroo

    a) glad to hear everyone’s ok. That’s the important part.

    b) umm why wouldn’t jodi be gracious about it. see, that’s why they call it an accident… becuase that’s what it is.

  5. pandorable

    glad you guys are ok and that the damages seem repairable.

  6. cardinalximinez

    Hoe. Lee. Crap!

    I’m just glad that everyone is ok…

  7. anonymous

    Oh, jeez. I’m so sorry that happened. Like everyone else, I’m glad everyone is okay. Sounds like it could have been a lot worse, but that doesn’t make it any less of a pain.

  8. mattyo3000

    (That last one is from your bro. Just realized I wasn’t logged in.)

  9. tally_cat

    That looks strangely similar to the damages from several of the accidents I’ve been in. You’re right…It is going to be expensive. And it ALWAYS seems to happen when you least want to have to shell out for it. However, thank goodness for insurance!! I remember how most of my damage looked cosmetic… but the total bill was ridiculous. At that point, I thanked my lucky stars that all I had to pay was the $500 deductible.

    I’m glad you’re not hurt.

  10. wedash

    Ben, I am just so glad that you are ok. Cars are replacable. I understand about the expense, have been in several accidents myself. I hope you find yourself a rental car soon. *hugs*

  11. sshaf1130

    Happy to hear that you (or anyone, for that matter) weren’t hurt! Those unexpected expenses always hit at the worst time, don’t they?

  12. haemony


  13. dragonbane

    I’m sure it won’t be more than $3,000. Such accidents rarely are. :P

  14. whispersessions

    Must be something in the water lately, eh?

    Glad you didn’t get injured.

  15. tealfroglette

    seriously glad you people are all safe. *hugs*

  16. fizzgig_bites

    Glad you are okay.

  17. recycler1973

    I got into a similar accident with my green 2001 Ford Focus on 2 August 2006. Imagine my shock and dismay when I learned that the damage was significant enough for the insurance company to write it off.

    So after a $4000+ check, I’m now leasing a white 2007 Ford Focus. With the exception of three things [1], the cars are virtually identical.

    [1] six years, the color of the car, and the shape of the lights and reflectors aren’t so, um, pointy.

  18. meander112

    Ack. I’m glad no one was hurt and I hope the bill isn’t too bad.

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