A brief update

Jodi’s out with some friends tonight, and despite her recent suspicion about the GRE, she says she’s okay at the moment.  I read her parts of the first three comments, and she seems cheered by some of them.

I’m going to bed soon so that I’ve got a halfway decent chance of getting enough sleep to do some coding tomorrow.  Yesterday I got about five hours of sleep and could never get into the flow.

I saw Harry Frankfurt on The Daily Show recently.  I imagine that my stepfather would be like that in a fast-paced interview, too; he, too, has the virtue of thinking before he speaks.  Talk-show interviews are no less formulaic than ballet or Noh, but so many guests have been so well-groomed that you don’t notice until a normal person is a guest.  

Today I shuttled back and forth from the testing facility to make sure Jodi was well-supplied with whatever she needed (Mountain Dew, lunch from Chik-fil-A, an iced tall Americano one-shot-classic with room, and a bottle of water).  I walked across campus to drop off a Unite for Diabetes travel bug in a geocache and got some johnson-grass-like scratches for my trouble, along with some needed exercise.  I wished a few times I’d had my camera with me, but the cookbooks I was carrying (to transcribe selected recipes — which I basically didn’t get around to), and which I’ll need to return and then check out again, were heavy enough.

Great exchange on yesterday’s Jeopardy!:

ALEX TREBEK [to a contestant who works as an auditorium manager]: It says here that your stagecraft students have a special name for you.  What is it?

NATHAN CRANE: Uh, they nicknamed me “Jesus”.  [pause]  I have long hair and carpentry skills.

[audience laughs; cut to Alex shielding his face with his hand while he laughs; audience continues laughing as each member of the audience, in turn, gets the joke]

ALEX TREBEK: [pause] …let’s go on.

Now it’s time to fold a bit of laundry and go to bed…



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6 responses to “A brief update

  1. haemony

    I can’t read her post about the GRE, so what’s going on with that?

  2. sylvar

    Sorry, she doesn’t know you, so I can’t share her secrets beyond what you may deduce.

  3. haemony

    Just curious, since you linked to it.

  4. pantaloonery

    I’m probably allowed to say that she is concerned about how she did.

  5. heyharmony

    *hugs* to Jodi. I think she’s going to be pleased with her scores when they arrive. After (and during) taking mine I was considering alternate careers… like the family trade of dry cleaning. Think what a relief that was for me… really, I’m much too lazy to work in dry cleaning ever again.

  6. haemony

    Oh, well okay. I thought there was some issue with the GRE people themselves. It’s something that interests me, since I’ve had my own problems with them in the past.

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