Yay, photos!

I took a bunch of photos yesterday on the way to getting my hair cut, including some great ones at the Let Them Eat Cake bakery. I used the new Cosina 19-35mm wide-angle zoom lens and got some great shots that would’ve been impossible without it, like this one.

Picture 097

Not bad for an $80 lens!



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6 responses to “Yay, photos!

  1. kittykatkatja

    That’s a great shot. :)

  2. mattyo3000

    Hey, man. My county’s web filter won’t let me visit Flickr to see your pics. What was the abracadabra thing you did a few months back to solve this problem with LiveJournal?

  3. sylvar

    I can’t remember. What category does WebSense say Flickr is in?

  4. mattyo3000


  5. sylvar

    Well, I think WebSense is inappropriate, so there!

    Sorry, that’s all I’ve got. I can show ’em to you sometime, though.

  6. mattyo3000

    That’s a’ight. I’ll check them out the next time I go to the public liberry.

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