My vacation so far

What I’ve done so far:

  • Gone to Stuart, Miami Springs, and Kendall to visit family and exchange gifts.
  • While Jodi worked on GRE prep:
    • Dropped off paperwork for 10 college transcripts.  (The registrar’s office made an error in our favor, so we got two for free.)
    • Ferreted out recent journal articles, chapters, and whole books by professors at schools Jodi’s applying to.
  • Filled seven boxes with books, movies, tapes, etc. that we’re discarding.  The bookshelves in our living room are now merely 98% full, with a single layer of stuff, not double-stacked.
  • Went through a whole bunch of paperwork.  Kept a 3-inch stack for later filing, set aside a 6-inch stack for shredding, and threw out 8-10 inches of stuff we no longer need.
  • Agreed that a new bed would be a good use of the gift money we’ve received.
  • Read what Consumer Reports has to say about beds. (Quality is mostly price-invariant; personal preference is all-important.)
  • Ordered a new iPod.  (We waited so long that even “one-day shipping” would arrive January 2nd, so instead I’ll just have it show up at the office on my first day back.)
  • Made a plan in my head for redoing the bedroom: bureau under the window, desk between the doors, bed between the bookshelves with the foot near the closet’s mirrored doors.  I don’t know from feng shui but I suspect it’ll be easier to use.

What’s next:

  • Pick up pills for Pied’s ‘rodent ulcer’.
  • Give blood.
  • Deposit the gift money so we can put it to good use.
  • Get some groceries that expire in 2007.
  • Do more laundry.
  • Get rid of all the books, music, movies, etc. that


     declined to take.

  • Get more colored crates (“Rubbermaid Revelations” sounds more like an erotic graphic novel than a household organization tool).
  • Finish creating a crossword puzzle for Grandma.
  • Maybe play a bit of Guitar Hero, if I have the time.
  • Go back to work.


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2 responses to “My vacation so far

  1. cardinalximinez

    Keepin’ busy, then, huh? ;)

  2. jitterbug5bi5

    Dude, you bought guitar hero and I haven’t noticed?! I wanna play when I come back!! ^_^

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