Where should I buy a bed?

I’m looking to buy a bed — mattress, foundation, and frame, OR mattress and platform. I want to get decent quality and a good price. I want to be able to go to the store and lay down on a mattress for 10-15 minutes without being made to feel that I’m wasting anyone’s time or being weird.

Any suggestions as to chains, particular locations, etc.?



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7 responses to “Where should I buy a bed?

  1. gardenwaltz

    Original Mattress Factory – Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC

    They make all of their mattresses in-house which gives you an amazing quality/price ratio as the shipping costs are greatly reduced. They are also genuinely friendly and will let you take a quick nap.

    …so, you didn’t specify an area… maybe if Jodi’s GRE & grad apps go well you could wait until you move up here :).

  2. gaycowboys

    This is probably not what you’re looking for.. as you can’t try the bed, but I had great luck with http://www.tampa-discount-mattress.com/. We got a barely used brand name (started with an S, don’t remember) King mattress, delivered within a day for about $100. They are very nice people. (oh, and they mostly sell new mattresses).

  3. heathrow

    I’ve heard raves from many people about the Original Mattress Factory. They’re a chain.

  4. sylvar

    Hmm. Actually, it looks like we could lay the mattress down and check it out that way. I’ll check ’em out. Thanks!

  5. sylvar

    OK, I’ll look for ’em. Thank you!

  6. sylvar

    I like that idea. :)

  7. pappy74

    First of all, I went to a ton of different places. You never know who’s going to have a ‘sale’ that day/week, so it’s worth it. I ended up getting my mattress from a place that happened to have a ‘friends and family’ deal that day.

    Another thing that worked very well for me, I asked the sales dude from each place for semi-firm mattresses, and told him to leave me alone. I then lay down on each for a bit. I knew I had my mattress when I picked the same* mattress in 4 different places.

    *In case you don’t know how it works, a particular mattress has many different names, depending on where you shop. But they’re all the same. Look for features like firmness, pillow-top or not, and coil count.

    One other hint. Many dealers will allow you to mis-match mattress and boxspring and give you a significant discount. They’ll tell you it voids the warantee, and perhaps it does, but those warantee’s are fairly useless anyway (very tough to prove any problem was a manufacturer defect).

    Good luck!

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