Guitar Hero

Devin stunned me with an amazing Christmas gift: Guitar Hero with the guitar controller. I was just telling Jodi that I wanted to play Guitar Hero while I was in Stuart, since I can’t play it at home. That’s when Devin sprung the gift on me. Man, I can hardly wait to play this at home. *fierce grin*

The iPod is back up to $349.99, though — I’m kind of upset about that. When I sold the 30GB iPod, I accepted an gift certificate as payment because I figured I’d be getting the best deal at Amazon. Now that the sale’s over, though, I’ll just wait and see. Maybe it’ll be a better idea to buy one at a retail store, if I see a better deal (no more than $327+tax), but I doubt I’ll be able to beat Amazon’s price anyway, what with the lack of sales tax.

Well, still, it’s hard to complain. I’m so blessed. This morning I said “God, this is gonna be a stressful trip; be with me. No, fuck that, be with Jodi; she’s under more stress than I am.” And five minutes later, at Burger King, the woman at the drive-through offered Jodi a free coffee that someone had mistakenly poured five minutes ago; Jodi accepted gleefully and smiled for the first time of the day. And the woman said “Merry Christmas, have a God-blessed day!”

Thanks, big guy. I noticed your impeccable timing.



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5 responses to “Guitar Hero

  1. haemony

    My husband is in love with your icon. lol

  2. loucheroo

    It’s the little things… *smile*

  3. cardinalximinez

    I’d say that nice woman at the drive-through deserves some credit, too. ;)

  4. sylvar

    It’s gankable. Just credit in his userpic information.

  5. haemony

    Will do, and thanks!

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