CHEAP Lane Bryant bras, size 36C and up

From (here:

Go to Lane Bryant. Look for any of the bras that have the Buy 2, Get 2. They have sizes 36C-48DDD. You have to buy 4 bras, same style and same color. When you add them to the cart, it still shows the normal price. But when you’re checking out, add the promotional code 00301435. You’ll proceed to review your order, and you will see MASSIVE savings. You can pick more styles, but you just have to order 4 of the same color to get the savings.

And (this is speaking) we just ordered 8 bras for about $32 including shipping; this is real. They’re moving pretty quickly, though, so get ’em NOW. On, go to “Cacique intimates” and choose “bras”, then choose your size to see what’s POSSIBLY available. Note that only some are “buy 2, get 2”, and you can’t be sure you’ve snagged them until you actually see them in your shopping bag; you may well see “it’s been deleted because we just ran out”. Have patience.



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5 responses to “CHEAP Lane Bryant bras, size 36C and up

  1. tally_cat

    Lane Bryant bras are the only thing I’ll wear!

  2. sexandsoup

    Fuck. I’m in dire need of new bras and was about to order a bunch of really cute ones from there, only to be let down that they don’t ship to Canada. :(

  3. sylvar

    14305 Wedgewood Ct Apt 107
    Tampa FL 33613-3002

    Send me your address and I’ll forward them to you. When I know how much the package weighs, we can figure out what shipping method you’d prefer.

  4. sexandsoup

    :) That’s really sweet, but knowing me (and my ever-evolving bust!) I probably really ought to try on bras before I buy ’em. Especially since I’ve never bought from Lane Bryant before.

    That was a really kind offer, though. Oh, you; always acting in the best interest of my breasts. ;)

  5. tally_cat

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this.
    I just saved $244+ dollars on bras, Ben.
    My breasts are so your biggest fans!

    There is only one style bra that I wear, and it’s usually $38 PER BRA.
    I just ordered eight and my total cost was under $37.
    You are my breasts’ hero!


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