Dumbest phisher on earth

Unfortunately for the human race, the dumbest phisher on earth is smarter than many of the dumbest users on earth…



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7 responses to “Dumbest phisher on earth

  1. yoliesraft

    haha…anyone who clicks that link is an idiot…

  2. whispersessions

    I love the “and u can get money if u want” caveat. That just makes the whole thing worthwhile.

    I’m grateful that most phishers are kind enough to alert us to thier presence by substituting letters for words.

  3. swankivy

    Wow, that phisher is really stupid. Even dumber than the other ones I’ve come across who have idiotic typos in their “official” mails.

    I have a page of collected jerks. One of them is labeled as “the dumbest phisher ever.” You may read his account to compare if you like. http://members.aol.com/poishpo/jerk13.html

  4. sylvar

    You win.

  5. h_postmortemus

    Oh please, please tell me what the domain name was.


  6. sylvar

    Doesn’t matter; the ISP took down the account.

  7. h_postmortemus



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