Yeah, I’m gonna upgrade.

My iPod nano sold for $138 (minus fees and USPS Priority Mail shipping, but I should net around $125).

I just listed my 30GB black iPod Video; these often get around $200, and I’m guessing I’ll net around $175.

So that puts me about $30 away from the 80GB ($329.99 at Amazon, and free shipping).

I’m looking forward to that 20-hour battery life. And it’s good to know that all my accessories are 100% compatible.



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3 responses to “Yeah, I’m gonna upgrade.

  1. pantaloonery

    Don’t forget, ’tis the season for Xmas gift cards… :)

  2. stonegargoyle

    I was thinking about upgrading as well. I love the size of my nano I don’t go anywhere without it, but 4g sucks. Trying to decide what to put on it this time is driving me nuts.

  3. knobody

    boy, now i feel extra super lame because i’m too lazy to change out the six cd’s in the car.

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