Dreaming of an 80GB iPod

I’m selling a 1GB black iPod on eBay; the auction ends Sunday. As an eBay seller, I try to help buyers understand what their costs will be — so I’m offering free USPS Priority Mail shipping (to the US), with free insurance.

eBay sellers who pad their shipping costs ($15 for shipping?!) bug me.

With the money from that sale, and if I sell my current 30GB, I’d be within easy striking distance (less than $100) of a new 80GB, Generation 5.5, video iPod. That would be very, very nice. And not just because it’s the latest and greatest; I’ve actually been running out of room on my 30GB, and have been deleting things I listen to less often.

So here’s hoping the pay-what-you-bid, no-extra-charges model works out.



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10 responses to “Dreaming of an 80GB iPod

  1. tally_cat

    Hey hun – quick question.
    With an ipod – must one use iTunes?
    I’m afraid of iTunes, I don’t want it to eat all the songs on my computer.
    Can I avoid this.
    I know I’ve been saying I’d take this off your hands for a while now – and I really may be able to do it this month. I’d like to follow through on it, but that question just came up because Darlene recently got an iPod and iTunes at half of her stuff and converted all her file formats (which I wouldn’t want).

    Thanks for the help!

  2. sylvar

    One need not use iTunes; an iPod can be used as a hard drive. But iTunes need not eat your songs, either; you can tell it not to move your files into one central location, but leave them right where they are.

    Tell me about Dar converting her file formats. What did she have before, and what does she have now?

  3. tally_cat

    I’m not 100%. I think part of it may have had to do with her attempting to synch the ipod which contained info from the ipod’s previous owner with her own music library.

    By the way, seeing as how I told you I’d buy the thing – I’ll buy it. If I have problems, I’ll just politely ask you for help. =D

  4. sylvar

    I’d like to just cancel the auction, and right now I could still do that, but I don’t think it’s ethical. I’ve offered to sell it to the highest bidder.

    Tell you what — bid whatever you were planning to buy it for, and you might get it cheaper.

  5. tally_cat

    I don’t think I’m an Ebay member. Nor do I know how to do the whole bidding thing. =(

  6. dragonbane

    Or put a reserve price in. *shrug* It’s the ONLY time i’ve ever heard of a halfway good reason for a reserve. :)

  7. sylvar

    It’s not that scary. Go ahead. It won’t bite. :)

  8. sylvar

    Who, me? Yeah, I guess I could…

  9. cbustapeck

    I agree. I hate hate hate the way some sellers have ridiculously padded shipping charges. More annoying are the sellers that insist on using totally inappropriate methods of shipping. I’m thinking of a certian arts organization that was selling a $5 publication about an artist in their eBay store. It was a small catalog, 30 pages at the most, and I’m sure that they had hundreds of copies. I wanted to buy it, but the only method they had available for shipping was UPS 2nd day, which they were offering at cost, without a markup. If I recall correctly, the total was about $15, far more than it should have been.

    On the other hand, I love the way you can now just enter the shipping weight of an item on eBay with the listing, so that buyers worldwide can calculate the shipping on their own.

  10. h_postmortemus

    eBay sucks donkey dick. I think market forces will slowly crush them as people find alternative methods. eBay’s slitting their own wrists by not enforcing their own policies and playing to all the scammers and fraudsters.

    I want classic eBay back. Limit auctions to real items, don’t allow any businesses, no credit card transactions, etc… sigh

    Offering free shipping is always a good idea, makes people more interested. But the market is still so glutted, and you gotta watch out for asshole scammers, so you may STILL have to relist.

    I’d recommend trying Craigslist, ’cause you live in a pretty metro part of FLorida.

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