Today, so far

I’ve gone to Quest Diagnostics and surprised myself by being in a good mood in a crowded office (chairs not always available) for an hour-long wait at the end of a fast.

I’ve picked up prednilisone for Pied and am waiting for the evening to give her a little treat with pills hidden inside. (I hope she doesn’t read LJ.)

I’ve gone to one library and picked up some great stuff, gone to another library to get Jodi a DVD of the Gilmore Girls, stopped at the bank to deposit a small check, and grabbed some tofu and vegetables from Dragon Express.

And I’ve already found two errors in one of the library books, I Love You, Nice to Meet You: A Guy and a Girl Give the Lowdown on Coupling Up. One was just a missing article (“I once had [a] short fling with…”), but the other was a howler: a footnote that claimed “an American submarine named the Ehime Maru surfaced under a Japanese fishing trawler”. The publisher has been notified.

I’m worried about my grandmother, and ‘s mom, and ‘s mom, and I ought to get more exercise my own self. Those who pray, start with the first three and get around to me if you have a chance.



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5 responses to “Today, so far

  1. heathrow

    Thank you for worrying about my mom. It’s kind.

  2. h_postmortemus

    Yeah, I’m thinking about investing in an EyeToy or something similar for the PS2 along with some exercise games.

    Man, Fry’s Electronics had like every freaking PS2 acceessory made. Drums, microphones, giant pinatas…

  3. tealfroglette

    There’s no ‘waiting to get to you ben’.


  4. babyfishfel

    Can praying be the same thing as wishing real hard?

  5. sylvar

    I often suspect it is, and hope it’s more.

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