Are you tone-deaf?

I got 80.6% Correct at

90+: World-class musical abilities
75+: Excellent musical abilities
60+: Good musical abilities
Less than 50%: You may have a pitch perception deficit

And no, they don’t make it easy to blog your results, but it was fascinating stuff. I suspect I’d fare somewhat better with decent headphones (not crappy laptop speakers) and a more useful mental state.

I’m curious to see how all y’all do… and and , that includes you guys!



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5 responses to “Are you tone-deaf?

  1. knobody

    88.9% with a five year old pestering me about getting him a glass of milk. i don’t think it’s a very good test of musical ability. when i played viola and cello in high school i wouldn’t say i could play music. i played the notes, but never “made music” the way some of my cohorts in the orchestra did. there’s something missing between hearing pitches and being a musician.

  2. sylvar

    Oh, definitely. I think we’re talking about receptive ability and potential skill, not a developed ability to perform.

    And was it just me, or did the most obviously microtonal piece go all over the dang place in an effort to help the tone-deaf figure out that there were at least three differences?

  3. knobody

    i honestly don’t remember. i remember some being very subtle differences and some were just complex enough that the second time through i couldn’t remember exactly what they were like the first time. for me it was more of an aural memory test. the earphones did help quite a bit. the five year old did not.

  4. loucheroo

    Um yeah, 69.6…

    Maybe I’m not tone deaf, though. I can’t create sounds where I want them… but I can hear when something’s wrong.

    I KNOW when I’m calling someone a horse *grin* I just can’t correct it…

  5. mattyo3000

    77.8%, while chewing on a Publix sub. Most of them sounded different to me, either in rests or different notes altogether.

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