Accio info!

Woot! The site design is almost nonexistent, but it works for me.

Yesterday I hadn’t even thought of the site, other than “hmm, I wish it existed”. Now, depending on how well the DNS records have propagated out, it’s real. : the fastest way to get official and unofficial information about the Harry Potter universe. (And you can narrow your search to official sources only, or look for fanfiction, or consult organized references like the Reader’s Guide and the Harry Potter Lexicon.)



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7 responses to “Accio info!

  1. pantaloonery

    And if you use it to search for “font,” the first page has a number of fonts that might be useful in concocting a banner or logo of some sort. :)

  2. sylvar

    Hey, look at and tell me about design. I think the banner is pretty damn spiffy, even if my only contribution to it was the words.

  3. cardinalximinez

    Why the heck does a search engine require javascript?

  4. sylvar

    AJAX. There’s a non-JS version available through Google Co-op, and I can probably put it in a noscript tag later.

  5. cardinalximinez


  6. tealfroglette

    is something going wacky or are you deleting the notes i leave you on harry potter post or any other posts or are they eliminated for some altered universe theory? or maybe it’s because i said more than twenty times to people who were using me as hermoine, i am NOT an owl. :)

  7. sylvar

    I’m not deleting anything.

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