I’ve got a real eye for design…

…but THIS design might have come from my glass eye. I’m not quite sure.

Now, granted, I like the TBLC logo, and I like deconstructing it. But I’m not sure it’s enough for an entire tie. Still, I’m sort of hoping TBLC decides they like it well enough to buy me one. :)

Zazzle is now selling neckties, among other new things, so those of you who like to make homemade gifts without the danger of getting macaroni glued to your fingers will be glad to know that it was pretty easy to do this. (I had to make two images, one with the TBLC logo and one with the wavy bits, and set the tie’s background color to exactly the same hex value and the two images. Also, I had to remove lots of duplicates, since Zazzle expects you to want to tile your images.)

But, yeah… it was pretty easy, and I could fairly easily make more designs like this as a promo of some sort.



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3 responses to “I’ve got a real eye for design…

  1. tealfroglette

    I like it.

    I do not have a design eye it appears. I constantly tell my brother’s ghost if it exists that the mess on amphibiana’s bookshelves/display shelves is all his fault because i don’t know how to put stuff up there! :)

    Toad threw things up when we moved in, and i move them around and look and say, “OH HECK”. :)

    I should take digital pics and post them and you can digitally move things around, then i will put them as you state. :)

    Want to try? :)

  2. sylvar

    Oh, that’s *interior* design. No bloody clue. Ask Jodi. My idea of a nicely decorated room is white walls covered with bookshelves.

  3. tealfroglette

    ACK no WHITE! :)

    not quite white or natural cotton, or egg shell. NOT WHITE! :)

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