My new license plate: “Imagine NO GOP”

My new license plate: "Imagine NO GOP"

It’s easy if you try.



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13 responses to “My new license plate: “Imagine NO GOP”

  1. pantaloonery

    Imagine slashed tires and keyed doors…

  2. tally_cat

    HA HA HA.
    You did it.

  3. juniperpearls

    did you actually do this?
    It’s amazing.

  4. gardenwaltz

    I love it :)

  5. meander112

    Very spiff!

  6. cardinalximinez

    Absolutely worth the risk.

    As long as it’s not my car.

  7. tealfroglette

    fits much better than “toadal global frogination!”


  8. sylvar

    I really did.

  9. sylvar

    Me too. I’m thrilled that they allowed it.

  10. sylvar

    Yeah, next I’ll upgrade the vehicle. I keep hearing that you have a great manly Hummer.

  11. sylvar

    Very true.

  12. meander112 ;-)

  13. momster1

    That’s my boy…..I have taught you well, Grasshopper.

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