Don’t email/text my phone

I don’t have the fancy phone anymore, so I can’t get email on the road, and I’m not accepting text messages anymore.



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6 responses to “Don’t email/text my phone

  1. cardinalximinez

    Did ya break it already?

  2. tealfroglette

    Mr. harris!!!

    I thought sylvar just rented it for the trip….

  3. sylvar

    No, TBLC decided that they didn’t want to pay $350 for a phone and $80/mo for cell and data.

  4. sylvar

    No, but it was an ideal way to test its features. If I had another road trip like that, I’d definitely want something similar.

    When I was lost in Pittsburgh, I pulled over, entered the current street address into Yahoo! Mobile’s Driving Directions, entered my destination, and got new directions.

    When I had a spare moment, I found the next university’s parking department web page, phoned them up, got instructions, etc.

    And when I was bored, I could check my work e-mail, respond to ‘low-hanging fruit’ questions, delete spam, etc.

  5. cardinalximinez

    Fair enough, especially since they’re paying for it.

  6. cardinalximinez

    Yeah, I really like my Treo, too. :)

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