We have arrived. Specifically, we’re at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill. Any Atlantans who wanna hang out tomorrow, phone 813-476-1725 or 813-765-2801.



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5 responses to “Atlanta

  1. gardenwaltz

    woo-hoo! have fun guys.

  2. tealfroglette

    we left you some notes about where to eat in Atlanta based on our multiple trips there, and toad’s ‘used to live there’. Did ya get em? :)

    Flip says you just have to go to the Flying Biscuit if you want to stay cool! ;)*grin*

  3. sylvar

    We’ll hit the Flying Biscuit for breakfast. I can’t find the comment you mean, but I did see a mention of the Dekalb Farmers Market, and I know from a container in this kitchen that it’s worth going to.

  4. tealfroglette

    apparently there is another branch of flying biscuit, but the real one, and you can see pics of it at traveling_flip on flickr is in the candler park district. According to the toad it’s not ‘candler park’ but that’s what the receipt says!

    It’s fantastic, i’m so glad you are going! YAY!!!!

  5. tealfroglette

    Dekalb farmer’s market is check or cash only. They took our out of state check by going to the front office near the entrance and having them put you in the computer. They have bee beer and so much grand stuff i feel like it’s christmas/beltaine/rifferween/mybirthday everytime i go in there. :)

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