LJ Talk is a cool idea. Anyone else use it?

We had brunch at The Varsity (chicken fingers and fries for Jodi, egg salad and onion rings for me, followed by a small frosted orange and a fresh-fried peach pie for us to share). Then we tried to find the Georgia State campus, but we ended up coming back to Chris and Adrienne’s place.

We’re going out to IKEA soon, and will amuse ourselves for the evening so that I can get a good night’s sleep before driving back to Tampa tomorrow. We’ll probably either stay home and play Trivial Pursuit with our hosts, or take them out to the Mellow Mushroom to play NTN.



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12 responses to “Atlanta

  1. tally_cat

    OMG. I so want to go to IKEA!

  2. gardenwaltz

    I would totally take a visit to IKEA over Trader Joe’s. I’d like to be using LJ Talk, but it looks like I’ll need to install some kind of client. I’ll work on it, because it looks fairly cool.

  3. tiger_stripes

    Sweet! I’ll have to check out LJ talk.

    My folks can point you to Georgia State. They graduated from there.

  4. tiger_stripes

    It’s like Disneyland (not World): small and overrated.

    Oh yeah, and don’t expect the furniture there to last. Ours is coming apart. >:-(

  5. knobody

    there are some browser-based jabber clients as well. i just gave a try and i seem to be logged in. can’t say much about it at this point, but, well, it seems to work.

  6. heyharmony

    Atlanta?? I would SO be at The Container Store.
    Kid in a candy shop, I tell ya!

  7. haemony

    LJ Talk is a cool idea. Anyone else use it?

    Me gots it. :)

  8. gardenwaltz

    Bingo! I’m on.

  9. loucheroo

    chicken fingers and fries for Jodi

    Ok, am I mistaken? I thought Jodi was a vegetarian?

  10. sylvar

    Chickentarian, though she swears she’s going back to vegetarian tomorrow.

  11. loucheroo

    *laugh* Why? If she eats chicken and it doesnt bother her then why give it up? I mean, if it’s a matter of…. “I swear! I’ll do it tomorrow…” why bother?

  12. tealfroglette

    what louch said, b/c it was shrimp before that…

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