Statues at UNC-Chapel Hill

Statues at UNC-Chapel Hill


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  1. curious_mold

    I’m having a hell of a time trying to find any info about these.

    This could be a reference to some of them, but I’m not sure:

    The need for a culturally sensitive commission to oversee public commemoration was also suggested. It was noted that such oversight might have avoided the fiasco of the statues placed in front of Davis Library a decade ago. This class gift was supposed to represent the diversity of Carolina, but the statues were so stereotyped (e.g. a black man in shorts spinning a basketball on his finger, a white man carrying a huge stack of books) that they became a center of controversy. Eventually, the most offensive statues were removed and the whole ensemble was shifted to a less public location.” -

    The UNC website lists tons of “visual attractions”, but doesn’t mention any scuptures or statues.

    For some reason, I need to know!!! Argh!!!

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