Reading couple (statue) at UNC-Chapel Hill

Reading couple (statue) at UNC-Chapel Hill



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5 responses to “Reading couple (statue) at UNC-Chapel Hill

  1. curious_mold

    That’s beautiful. Any other information about it? They’re obviously married (her ring). Names?

  2. knobody

    i see no ring on him. but even if he has one, it doesn’t mean that they are married to each other. besides, she is probably just wearing a ring to keep annoying, drunk rednecks from hitting on her in bars.

  3. sylvar

    No idea. There are three other figures in the same planter bed, but I didn’t see a plaque. It’s roughly south of Caldwell Hall, if you want to do some investigating on your own.

  4. curious_mold

    Maybe they aren’t. I was only assuming. It’s a nice idea for a statue anyway.

  5. kittykatkatja

    Aw, I like that :)

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