Fun with rent

I swear I wrote a check for the rent on September 22. It’s in Pocket Quicken and everything. But apparently it never got to the office; the credit union hasn’t seen it.

has agreed to drop off a check for the full amount, and the landlord (knowing that we’ve never been late on any other rent payment) will waive the late fee. And, of course, as soon as we get home, I’ll write a check to to reimburse her, and give her a ride to the ATM. I owe her at least that courtesy.

So this is a public IOU to and a public thank-you to her and Fairway Oaks Apartments.



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4 responses to “Fun with rent

  1. vixi

    Out of curiosity, do you use Suncoast Credit Union? They have always been pretty decent to me.

  2. sylvar

    Yup. They’re good, but they need a few days’ lead time to mail someone a check, ordinarily.

  3. cardinalximinez

    I’m betting you forgot to mail it / drop it off.

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