Stupid ADD

I messed up this afternoon. No idea if Jodi is ever going to stop being mad about it. But now that I’ve had some Adderall, I look back in horror and wonder if there’s any way to protect her (and her career) from these moments when I revert to my 8-year-old self.



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9 responses to “Stupid ADD

  1. cardinalximinez

    You didn’t try to Cruciatus her, did you? Because that really would be unforgivable. ;)

  2. tally_cat

    Did you rip her top off in public.
    I bet you did…

  3. gardenwaltz

    Oops, I hope the ride soothes things over. You can tell Jodi that I have used the silly spouse defense before, with success.

  4. jitterbug5bi5

    Lmfao!! xD

    (Also, verb form = crucio. ;p )

  5. heathrow

    What happened?

  6. sylvar

    She was researching the local philosophy department; I thought she wasn’t even yet sure whether or not to stop in and say hi. So I phoned the office of her faculty mentor (without explaining anything), and since her mentor answered, I said “Hold on, please” and handed the phone to Jodi, saying “It’s her.” Jodi went red and said “I’m sorry” and hung up.

    I have since realized that I shouldn’t have called any of Jodi’s colleagues, etc., without Jodi realizing that I intended to do so, and especially not this most important contact.

    If I’d thought about Jodi’s opinion of this plan for even an instant, I would have asked her first. But I figured I could just get her connected with her mentor, get the information (to wit: was her handwriting ACTUALLY intended to send us to “UMD” or was that “U Mo” (Missouri?), “UMQ” (Montreal, Quebec)? or what?, and get Jodi into a cheerful mood for a campus visit.

  7. heathrow

    Ah. The best of intentions…

  8. tealfroglette


    As a person who doesn’t like to talk on the phone, except to katty or leslie or sometimes toad, i can sympathize, especially when not prepared to talk to the person.

    Hopefully jodi’s calmed down now and understands you were trying to help. PS, hey, if i ever do get published, don’t call my publisher for me and hand the phone to me. *grin*

  9. heyharmony

    Agreed with H. Best of intentions. You were anxious to help, she wasn’t ready, it’s done. Kiss & make up. :)

    Were it I, you wouldn’t make any phone calls to my colleagues. Not because you’ve done anything wrong or might do something. Quite the contrary. But the reality is, it’s work. My career = my responsibility.

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