Yes and no

[8:40 am, Mountain time]

Yes, there is a power point at my seat; yes, I brought the adapter; and no, it doesn’t seem to work. As soon as I plug in the adapter, the green LED at the power point goes out.

So, with no other way of listening to music, I shelled out two bucks for crap headphones (I left the adapter for my headphones in Tampa, damn it, and these crap headphones are hardwired to a double plug and come with an adapter for plugging into normal audio sources; last time I bought crap headphones in mid-air, they were hardwired to a normal plug and came with an adapter for airplane audio).

The movie’s starting now, but it’s a bowdlerized version of “The Break-Up”, which I didn’t enjoy all that much in its original form.

..though I find that watching it in Spanish is interesting enough; I know roughly what they’ll be saying, and that (with my smattering of Spanish) lets me follow the action.

And Jennifer Aniston is a lot cuter in Spanish.

Well, after all, isn’t everyone?



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7 responses to “Yes and no

  1. tealfroglette

    ya know, toad jsut isn’t cuter in spanish. french maybe, scots definately, but not spanish. :)

  2. gardenwaltz

    this trip has lost any geographical consistency which it once had. i am doing my best to follow along, but suspect you may be in fiji next time we hear from you :).

  3. jitterbug5bi5

    Are you coming back tonight for the work thing tomorrow?

  4. sylvar

    OK, I guess I forgot to explain that part.

    I’m in town for CODI 2006. I flew from Pittsburgh via Atlanta, and I’ll return Saturday night. Jodi is in Pittsburgh now and we’ll resume our road trip Sunday morning.

  5. gardenwaltz

    Ah ha, sounds like a life of adventure. We are looking forward to the NC portion of your US tour.

    Keep driving safely! Jeff and I have had the looovely coincidence of *both* getting brake jobs on our cars today. Mine was planned, his was discovered because of a tattletale light which he asked to be checked during an oil change.

  6. jitterbug5bi5

    Ohh, so the work thing is in Salt Lake instead of here.. ok then.
    ::less confused::

  7. ichicolco

    Love the empower. I just came back from a Delta 767-400 flight to Honolulu. Thank goodness for the empower to provide juice to my DVD player. Finally got to watch BSG season 1.

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