A recap

Last time I said much, we were in Columbus, OH. Since then we’ve been in Pittsburgh.

Friday night we arrived at the home of Eamon and Theresa Geever, Jodi’s grandparents. There was all sorts of relatively low-key revelry involving food, drink, and music.

Saturday afternoon we went to a banquet hall at the back of a volunteer fire department. I took about 200 photos which will land on Flickr soon, and provided tech support for a laptop and projector. I also had a good time.

Sunday we went to a birthday party for twin cousins (brothers to each other, cousins to us) and hung around with family.

Yesterday was a logistics day – laundry, packing, shopping for gifts, and also visiting our friend Kelly (Jodi’s friend for a very long time) and her son Noah. Jodi is now staying with Joe and Popie in Lawrenceville; I’ll rejoin her late Saturday night.

And today I was on the road at 3:55am and am about to fly PIT-ATL-SLC. Thank God I’m allowed to bring liquids on the plane. We’re taking off in a few minutes…


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