Our host in Columbus is taking a class in hospitality management. She is so kind that she’s probably ready to run a bed and breakfast. Note to self: tell her professor she deserves extra credit.

We’re returning for lunch to our dinner spot from last night, the Whole World Bakery and Café. The salads are tasty, the sandwiches are too, and the desserts all look quite tempting. I had none of them last night, but today I will not deny myself.

Arranging for parking near Ohio State’s University Hall for a disabled visitor is such an odyssey that it resembled puzzle games of old, like Monkey Island or perhaps Bureaucracy. After consulting the visitor center and the Office of Disability Services, we ended up at the Parking and Transportation office way out on the west side of campus, where (behind a door marked ‘beware of the jaguar’) we found a clerk who talked to a dispatcher who talked to a gate attendant who agreed to let us into the heart of campus after we show him our parking permit, which the clerk sold us for two zuzim. (Which is $3 in American money.)



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4 responses to “Columbus

  1. swankivy

    Was it the parking permit that got taken by the goat that got eaten by the cat that got bitten by the dog . . . um, etc. . . .?

  2. tealfroglette

    Is this the only school you’ve seen that charged for parking to visit the campus to decide if a member of your party wanted to attend?

    Thanks for the info re the nawlins place.

  3. gardenwaltz

    yeah, um we specialize in cats, books and toddlers (er, one toddler, but she moves fast). the hospitality gets thrown in somewhere with the towels. if you get a chance, let us know the hours you are expecting to arrive & depart from our domicile so that we can optimize the experience.

  4. recycler1973

    I’ve been browsing your pages for the past ten minutes, and I saw no reference to either East Lansing MI or MSU. Did you decide to skip it? Or is it still comin’ up on your journey?

    I ask for purely selfish reasons… (my sister and) I suggested many tasty restaurants for you to consider near MSU, and I’ve been to zero of them. So if you like the food there, I deserve the credit. But if you hate it, my sister deserves the blame. :P

    Woo! First post on LJ!

    (Note: please reply by phone or e-mail… because I have NO idea when my *second* post will be.)

    — Adam

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