Downtown, Bowling Green, OH

Downtown, Bowling Green, OH

We’ve just had lunch at Squeekie’s vegetarian café, and are now at BGSU. The grill under whose sign Jodi is walking under in this photo offers “hamburgs”.



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4 responses to “Downtown, Bowling Green, OH

  1. tealfroglette

    that’s better than the sign for TenderLIONS that toad, frog, kat, and red cross mary saw at the covered bridge festival in Indiana! :)

  2. tealfroglette

    what’s the name of the new orleans place you wanted to try that’s got veg foods? I think you said you did try it we’re doing museum day saturday there.

  3. sylvar

    It used to be call the Old Dog New Trick, but now it’s got a new name (a number, I think) and it’s just east of the French Quarter.

  4. sylvar

    The most recent info I have:

    517 Frenchmen St
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

    You should call and ask if they’re open.

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