Bascom Hill, UW-Madison

Bascom Hill, UW-Madison

Jodi’s been invited to sit in on a lecture (!), so I’m wandering campus for the next half-hour or so. Madison and Milwaukee both seem like great places to live, but it’s in the high sixties. I imagine it’ll be a less inviting place when Lake Mendota is a thick slab of ice.



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2 responses to “Bascom Hill, UW-Madison

  1. tealfroglette

    kewl beans about the invite. ice makes great frozen margaritas. :)

  2. mattyo3000

    Yeah, Madison is supposed to be really cool, young, hip college town. Dad and I weren’t able to get there when we went up to Door County this past summer. I wish we could have, though. Good thing about WI is that you’d have the Botts nearby. Gregg and his wife Shelley aren’t in Madison, but I don’t think they’re too far away, either. You’re right, though– if you’re considering a town up north, you should definitely go back and spend a week up there in February. Looks like you’re having a helluva road trip, though! Enjoy and be safe!

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