Dawn, Aurora

Well, it’s really 8:45 here, but in our host’s basement (finished, and nicer than many hotel rooms) it’s dark enough for Jodi to get a little more sleep.

We got here around half past midnight. I’m glad we don’t have any more 700-mile days ahead of us.

I love having FeederReader on this phone to download Coverville and Thing a Week.

I love finding little places like Uncle Johnni’s in Kankakee by checking Wikitravel at a rest area. (Soft drink with one refill: $1.69. Soft drink without ice: $2.29, no refill for you. But the food was good, honest, and fairly priced.)

And now it’s almost 9, and time to wake Jodi so we can see NIU, drive to Madison, see UW-Madison, and drive to Milwaukee for the night.

Hi, ! If you haven’t already, will you please tell me the LJ/Facebook/MySpace identities of David and our Chattanooga hosts?



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2 responses to “Dawn, Aurora

  1. yoliesraft

    Hey! David doesn’t have facebook, or lj or myspace.

    Wendy and Jonathan have facebook. You can find them through their email addresses wendy-carson and jonathan-spurling @ utc.edu. Wendy has a myspace but she doesn’t have her own url. You can find her on mine though: http://www.myspace.com/yoliesraft/

  2. tealfroglette

    i keep singing in kermit style, lydia oh lydia oh have you met lydia, lydia the tatooted lady….. later in there is Kankakee which i saw front and center on the weather map yesterday….

    i like the odd parallels like that.. :)

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