Bohemian Milwaukee

We’re at Beans & Barley, just a few blocks from our hosts’s home. I had the best $5 salad of my life and a Sprecher Black Bavarian Style lager, and Jodi said her vegetable lasagna was some of the best vegetarian food she’s had.

The restaurant is just a wing of a natural-foods supermarket across the street from the East Library, which has an open wi-fi connection. We’re going there after this so we can plan our next moves.

I could SO live here.

Lj-mood: suffonsified
Lj-music: Blinking-marquee interstitial from Rocky & Bullwinkle IMH


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One response to “Bohemian Milwaukee

  1. tealfroglette

    That sounds terrific! We just finished up our dinner of fresh takings from “your dekalb farmer’s market” in DeKalb county atlanta. You may so wish to stop there and bring a checkbook or cash or atm to get great prices on so many wonderful blueberries for 2.50 a pint, fresh buckwheat and millet flour, boddingtons bee beer at a great price and including several flavors of toad hollow wines. :)

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