Indiana by the numbers

Time: 5:22 pm

Temperature: 66°F

Unleaded gas: $1.98

I like it here, but we’re heading on as soon as I get Jodi’s iced pumpkin spice latte and my iced black coffee with soymilk…



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4 responses to “Indiana by the numbers

  1. loucheroo

    How’s the college tour going? What have you seen so far?

  2. knobody

    if it’s with soy milk it’s not black.

    indiana sucks. don’t be fooled by cheap gas and cool temps. it’s the ass crack of the midwest and the bible belt all in the same place. they have johnny cougar and peyton manning and not much else. avoid indiana like the plague.

  3. kittykatkatja

    It’s got GenCon, though!

  4. tealfroglette

    and red cross mary! :)

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