Fine dining at the Columbia Restaurant, circa 2006/1905

We got to the Columbia Restaurant at noon on Sunday. I waited in line for about half an hour to get a number (#100), and we were advised that it would be about two hours before we’d be seated. So we went off to have ‘first lunch’ at Centro Ybor and saved room for ‘second lunch’ at the Columbia.

Here’s how the check looked. (Hold the cursor over any item to see a description.)

1 BWL-BLK BEAN - 1905 DAY          0.75
3 1905 SALAD - HOLIDAY             5.85
1 SANGRIA-GLASS - 1905 DAY         0.95
2 AMER COFFEE - HOLIDAY            0.10
3 FLAN - 1905 DAY                  1.05
                      Sub Total:   8.70
                            Tax:   0.62
                            FLS:   0.10
                      Sub Total:   9.42

I’m only realizing now that our server neglected to charge us for Jodi’s 10¢ iced tea and my 10¢ diet Coke. Well, they were all quite busy, and among the three of us, we tipped more than 100% of the bill (as the menu gently reminded guests, Your server is not living at yesterday’s prices and their service should be compensated accordingly), so I think it turned out all right. But perhaps next time I’m there I’ll insist on paying the 22cent; we should have been charged.

For the curious, the complete 1905-prices menu also included:

Pitcher of sangria                 4.95
Cup of black bean soup             0.50
Chicken and yellow rice "Ybor"     2.75
Merluza "Russian Style"            2.95
Boliche                            2.95

Despite the huge crowds, our server was both professional and personable. Thanks, David M. (and your army of fellow Columbia staff members), for making it a memorable day!



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4 responses to “Fine dining at the Columbia Restaurant, circa 2006/1905

  1. loucheroo

    Nu? You couldn’t tell the rest of us that Columbia was doing that? I have one 20 minutes from my house… I’d have gone…

  2. sylvar

    Aw jeez, I’m sorry! I thought I had posted it to LJ along with a free day at MOSI the day before, but I guess not.

  3. loucheroo


    That’s ok. I would’ve gone, though… lol

  4. heathrow

    I love the Columbia restaurant. Yum!

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