iTunes and podcasts

I was hoping iTunes 7 would allow me to override the number of episodes for each podcast. I only need the most recent NPR hourly news, though there are other podcasts where I’d like to be able to get 5-10 episodes I haven’t heard.

Juice doesn’t seem capable of doing this either.

Before I dive into writing a Perl cgi that will parse the RSS feed and remove all but the first <item>, does anyone have any suggestions for a better podcatcher?



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2 responses to “iTunes and podcasts

  1. cardinalximinez

    If all else fails, before you write a script, check out podget.

    It’s a bash script, and two of the options that I definitely know about are the one to only download the most recent n podcasts, and the one to specify which serverlist file you want to use.

    I’ve made a few changes that I haven’t gotten around to submitting the maintainer, so let me know if you have any trouble out of the box.

  2. anonymous

    FeederReader will allow you to set different settings per feed or per category (which is a group of feeds), including “Enclosures: Num” which sets the number of enclosures *per feed update* that are marked for download.

    It’s great to hear about users “loving FeederReader!” Let me know on the FeederReader Forums ( sidebar “Forums”) if you have any further questions or comments!

    Greg Smith
    Author, FeederReader – Windows Mobile news, blogs, audio ,video, podcasts downloaded direct to your device – Download on the Road

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