Does anyone have a sewing pattern for a wide necktie?

Clothing Liberation – cover (detail – afro and wild suit)

I think I’ve found a use for that dark brown corduroy jacket. There’s a 1970s costume contest at a convention in three weeks. If I can piece together a hideous crazy-quilt of fabrics before next Friday, I could make a 1970s-style DIY necktie that would probably win it.

Photo credit: Clothing Liberation: Out of the Closets and into the Streets by Laura Torbet (Praeger Publishers, New York: 1973)



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3 responses to “Does anyone have a sewing pattern for a wide necktie?

  1. knobody


    can’t you use one of your existing neckties to make a pattern (paper bags work well)? first tie it up and put a pin or clip or something to mark the bottom edge of the knot so you know where to start widening it (don’t forget to mark both ends so they both wind up wider).

    will you do the lapels too? that would look awesome.

  2. sylvar

    No, I’ll leave the lapels as they are. I don’t want to modify the jacket.

  3. segnbora

    You could just pin some other fabric on top of the existing lapels for the costume. You’re welcome to look through my fabric stash. (I just got out some bright orange acrylic stuff today for Halloween projects.) And thrift stores might possibly have actual ’70s ties cheaply.

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